Places of interest

The Albayzín is one of the capital signs of the identity of Granada. The neighborhood is leaning on a lofty hill in front of the red hill of the Alhambra. Its streets are winding, narrow and elusive; its luminous squares, collected and intimate; the palaces, mansions and churches are full of history and art.

In the Albayzín the cármenes abound, that are houses with garden, typically granadinas and the Mudejar towers. The viewpoints of San Nicolás and San Cristóbal offer magnificent views of Granada and the Alhambra. There are still remains of mosques, minarets, Spanish-Muslim cisterns and above all a very Andalusian aftertaste and a flavor of daily life, bustling and cheerful.

And the squares of Porras, of the Cristo de las Azucenas and of San Miguel Bajo transport the visitor through the nostalgia of an era, already very far in time.

The Albaicín was Court of the Zirid monarchs in the eleventh century and is considered the last Arab redoubt before being completely expelled from Granada.

Today the Albaicín is a residential neighborhood of the city from which the Alhambra can be seen, in which there are still remains of the Arab wall as well as the different doors such as the Elvira Gate or some Almohad Mansion.