Places of interest

The Alhambra is a Monumental Ensemble created over more than six hundred years by cultures as diverse as the Muslim, the Renaissance or the romantic. The vision of the gardens of the Alhambra, the murmur of the breeze between the trees together with the sounds of the water, isolate us from the daily noise; and our walk becomes a unique experience.

The Alhambra is a place that invites us to feel. A dynamic space in which time passes with great subtlety. The perception of our senses is sharpened. And we let ourselves be won by the silence that allows us to perceive each rumor, each step.

The Alhambra is located on the hill that the Arabs called al-Sabika, which means red earth, on the left bank of the Darro River, in front of the popular Granada neighborhoods of Albaicín and Sacromonte. Monument in which four areas are clearly distinguished: the Palaces, the military zone, or the Alcazaba, the city or Medina and the Generalife gardens built by Aben Salid Ismail towards 1319. It combined military functions with architectural elements such as walls and turrets and residential buildings such as courtyards, halls, chambers of the harem, baths, gardens, etc. They stand out in addition to their gardens, their fountains, pools, ponds, etc.