Gar-Anat Hotel Boutique sells emotions, experiences, desires, sensations through the environment created inside. It is a hotel that tells stories that move the traveler, related to the poetic and literary culture of the city.
Oriented to give a cultural contribution to the guest, so that he knows writers and books that have contributed and given much value to the city and the country. Very committed to the environmental sustainability of Granada, they maintain a determined vocation to contribute to the defense of beauty within the city and its privileged natural environment: Vega and Sierra Nevada. This concept is focused within the framework of “Hosts in Granada” of services, cultural and gastronomic offer, from the reception to the departure of the guest.
The internal dialogue between the traveler and Gar Anat is found in Gar-Anat’s Tree of Desires, located majestically in the central courtyard. This tree, loaded with desires of all travelers as leaves, has become the link between the guests and the hotel, and cultivates sensitivity through dialogue with them. An interior meeting where the traveler reflects on that
instant about your stay, moment and life!
Therefore, this place of pilgrims from all over the world, is not just a hotel, it begins to be populated with characters and stories, and is built on experiences, concerns, dreams, emotions, desires …..
Gar Anat is a door to the sacred world of your imagination and your knowledge, a window into the landscape of times and beliefs. More than a thousand years has been waiting for you. Here the pilgrims rest, here they open the caravans, from here you can see Rome, Venice, Ithaca, Jerusalem, Cairo … & quot;

You have arrived here out of necessity or intuition.
Now you are also Gar Anat and his mystery,
Territory to feel,
where rationality is mere artifice
and emotion the only way