Pilgrims from all over the world, COME AND GO TO CONTEMPLAR ….

Oh, the one who took my heart for shelter
Whose door is the eye that contemplates it,
My sleeplessness opened such a door after the goodbye,
Send, then, your ghosts to close it.
Abu Jafar Ahmad (1300-1369 approx)

Origins of “Gar Anat Hotel Boutique”

To Santiago de Compostela from the Moorish land.
Gar-Anat is an old name for Granada, and means a pilgrim’s colony.
The origins of what we know today as Gar Anat Hotel Boutique go back to the time of the Reconquest of the Catholic Monarchs (XV-XVI centuries).
Where currently is the building that houses the hotel, lived a wealthy Muslim family, in a Moorish house with several pools that could be located under the current building.
After a few years, when the property passed into the hands of the Government of the Christian Kingdom after the expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain, it passed into the hands of the Church, specifically the Order of Santiago, which established a hospital in this building to provide shelter and attention to the pilgrims who left from Malaga and Almeria towards the Camino de Santiago After Granada, the pilgrims would go to Córdoba and then to Mérida, to join the Vía de la Plata towards Santiago de Compostela.
In the nineteenth century, when there were several confiscations of the patrimony that the Church owned, the building was sold to a private individual, who made a series of houses around the courtyard, in the image of the typical traditional Castilian corrale, typical of the XVII- XVIII.

During those years, until the early 80’s of the twentieth century, all tenants of the corrala shared the spaces of the building, existing several businesses, such as a furniture store. The basement of the hotel, an old cistern, water collector that belonged to the aforementioned Muslim family, was used as a space to ripen bananas and other fruits that required ripening.
At some point in that decade the tenants of the building left, leaving the building closed and abandoned for 25 years, remaining its charm almost intact, until more recently, we restored and rescued the soul of the building, turning it into a place of charm , where
All our wishes can come true.

“Since then Gar Anat Hotel Boutique has returned to give life to the old forgotten building, returning to serve, as before, shelter travelers who take their steps to the city of the Alhambra”

Gar Anat boutique hotel is a magical place, within the hotels with charm, in the heart of Granada.
Nobody would say that this beautiful hotel, building palace of the seventeenth, could be witness to so much history.
Each of its 15 rooms are a tribute to the world of the scene, and are named after works and characters by Manuel de Falla, García Lorca or Amin Maalouf. Each different and unexpected room is decorated, as a theater stage, where to enter, the guest crosses curtains as a curtain to enter your room. Is not life a theater at the end ?!
The decoration and ambience of each room comes to life, putting clues and signs to stimulate and receive their talent. . The design of the rooms is an exercise of fun, and the patio a space of harmony.
Attentive to the smallest detail, this place offers a unique and comfortable experience to the visitor, making available a wide variety of services to complete a dream stay: literature in rooms and library, massage letter, private parking, purchase of tickets to the Alhambra, city tours, guided tours, shows, restaurant reservations, agenda
Member of Native Hotels
Gar Anat Hotel is a hotel committed to accessible tourism. He is a member of Native Hotels, the Spanish NGO that represents the ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism) as a unique European tourism project that already integrates more than 60 hotels in four countries. We believe that tourism is universal, open to all, without limits, and we have a room adapted to the wheelchair. Gar Anat is an accessible hotel and committed to everyone. Gar Anat Salud y Conciencia is a space dedicated to well-being and periodically promotes meetings where health, nutrition, coaching, mindfulness is discussed, and it is responsible for its dissemination in the media and social networks. Gar Anat boutique hotel is a hotel conscious with the environment, with health and well-being.
It offers an extensive massage menu that has great professionals and has an aromatherapy menu with essential and therapeutic oils to make your stay as relaxing and pleasant as possible.
In the Gar Anat Shop section you can buy aromatherapy products, organic creams (without parabens or chemicals), bio perfumes, bath salts, ect.
Gar Anat Hotel Boutique is a hotel committed to society, open to
new changes, opinions and ideas.