Arab baths

Things to Do

As in its origin, the Arab baths consist of three atmospheres propitiated by pools with water at different temperatures, which give name to hot, warm and cold rooms. Each client makes the journey to their liking, always under the recommendations of the team of Hamman Granada for a greater enjoyment of the tradition. The tour, set with Andalusian music, is completed by the steam room, the resting room, where you can enjoy a tea, and the hot stone room, where guests will receive the massage or Ritual they choose. You will feel transported in time and let yourself be carried away through a journey through the exoticism and sensuality of the legendary Al Ándalus. When leaving, a few meters away, the Alhambra, a vision that rounds the experience of the past.

Granada was the capital of the Nazarí Kingdom, the period of maximum splendor of Al Andalus. In 1998, five centuries after the Catholic Monarchs closed the last hammam, the Arab baths were once again available to the city, however, converted into a service with high-level facilities and an offer adapted to modernity. Its location next to Plaza Nueva, at the foot of the Alhambra and in front of the Albaicín neighborhood, is absolutely privileged.